Furnace flashing an error code?


It is ‘always’ best practice to have a licensed technician complete a thorough assessment, however it is good to know what you are looking at for the reason you have “no heat”.


Carrier Furnace Error Codes

Each status code is a two-digit number. The first number is determined by the number of short flashes and the second digit by the number of long flashes.

Carrier Error Code What this means Action required
Rapid LED flashing Line voltage polarity is reversed. If twinned, refer to twinning kit instructions.
Error Code 1-1 No previous code Stored status codes are erased when power to control is interrupted.
Error Code 1-2 The blower is on after power up Blower runs for 90 seconds if the unit is powered up during a call for heat.
Error Code 1-3 Limit or flame roll-out switch lockout Control will auto-reset after 3 hours. Reset the switch or replace fuse link.
Error Code 1-4 Ignition lockout Control will auto-reset after 3 hours.
Error Code 2-1 Gas heating lockout Control won’t auto-reset. Check for either a badly-wired gas valve or a defective control.
Error Code 2-2 Abnormal flame-proving signal Flame is proved while the gas valve is de-energized. Check for either a leaky or stuck-open gas valve.
Error Code 2-3 Pressure switch didn’t open Check for an obstruction in the pressure tubing or a pressure switch that is stuck closed.
Error Code 2-4 Secondary voltage fuse is open Check for a short circuit in the secondary voltage wiring.
Error Code 3-1 Pressure, draft safeguard, aux-limit switch, or blocked vent switch didn’t close (or reopened, downflow only) If open for longer than 5 minutes, the inducer will shut off for 15 minutes before retry. Check for: low inducer voltage; proper vent sizing; defective inducer motor; defective blower motor or capacitor; defective pressure switch; restricted vent; excessive wind, inadequate combustion air supply; or obstructed pressure tubing.
Error Code 3-3 Limit or flame roll-out switch is open If the switch is open for longer than 3 minutes, the code will change to #1-3. Flame roll-out switch requires manual reset. Check for: defective blower motor or capacitor; dirty filter or restricted duct system; loose blower wheel; faulty switch or connections; or inadequate combustion air supply.
Error Code 3-4 Ignition proving failure Control will try three more times before lockout #1-4 will occur. If the flame signal is lost after the trial for ignition period, the blower will come on for a 90 second recycle delay. Check for: build-up on the flame sensor; proper microamp distribution to the flame sensor; defective gas valve or turned off gas valve; faulty hot surface ignitor; low inlet gas pressure; the manual valve is shut-off; continuity of control ground; low flame carryover or rough ignition; ungrounded flame sensor.

Tasks to Leave to a Furnace Repair Expert

When troubleshooting your furnace doesn’t solve your heating issues, never hesitate to contact a trained HVAC contractor. Any furnace, regardless of its age, may pose combustion- or gas-related safety hazards, so it’s always a good idea to have an expert examine the unit and suggest the best course of action.

Carrier Furnace Model Numbers




  • 59MN7A060V17–14
  • 59MN7A060V21–20
  • 59MN7A080V17–14
  • 59MN7A080V21–20
  • 59MN7A100V21–22
  • 59MN7A120V24–22
  • 59SP5A040E14–10
  • 59SP5A040E17–12
  • 59SP5A060E14–12
  • 59SP5A060E17–14
  • 59SP5A080E17–16
  • 59SP5A080E21–20
  • 59SP5A100E21–20
  • 59SP5A120E24–22
  • 59TN6A060V17–14
  • 59TN6A080V17–14
  • 59TN6A080V21–20
  • 59TN6A100V21–22
  • 59TN6A120V24–22




  • 59SC5A040S14–10
  • 59SC5A060S14–10
  • 59SC5A060S17–14
  • 59SC5A080S17–16
  • 59SC5A080S21–20
  • 59SC5A100S21–14
  • 59SC5A100S21–20
  • 59SC5A120S24–20
  • 59SC5A140S24–20
  • 59TP5A040E14–10
  • 59TP5A040E17–12
  • 59TP5A060E14–12
  • 59TP5A060E17–14
  • 59TP5A080E17–16
  • 59TP5A080E21–20
  • 59TP5A100E21–20
  • 59TP5A120E24–22
  • 59SC2B040S14–10
  • 59SC2B040S17–12
  • 59SC2B060S14–12
  • 59SC2B060S17–16
  • 59SC2B080S17–16
  • 59SC2B080S21–20
  • 59SC2B100S21–16
  • 59SC2B100S21–22
  • 59SC2B120S24–22

Discontinued Carrier Furnace Models

Performance 95

Infinity ICS

Performance 93

  • 58HDV040-12
  • 58HDV060-12
  • 58HDV080-20
  • 58HDV100-20
  • 58MVC060-14
  • 58MVC080-14
  • 58MVC080-20
  • 58MVC100-20
  • 58MVC120-20
  • 58MTB060–12
  • 58MTB080–12
  • 58MTB080–16
  • 58MTB100–16
  • 58MTB100–20
  • 58MTB120–20


Performance 90

WeatherMaker 9200

  • 58MVP040-14
  • 58MVP040-14-L
  • 58MVP060-14
  • 58MVP060-14-L
  • 58MVP080-14
  • 58MVP080-14-L
  • 58MVP080-20
  • 58MVP080-20-L
  • 58MVP100-20
  • 58MVP100-20-L
  • 58MVP120-20
  • 58MVP120-20-L
  • 59TP6A040E141110
  • 59TP6A040E171112
  • 59TP6A060E141112
  • 59TP6A060E171114
  • 59TP6A080E171116
  • 59TP6A080E211120
  • 59TP6A100E211120
  • 59TP6A120E241122
  • 58MXA040-08
  • 58MXA040-12
  • 58MXA060-08
  • 58MXA060-12
  • 58MXA060-16
  • 58MXA080-12
  • 58MXA080-16
  • 58MXA080-20
  • 58MXA100-16
  • 58MXA100-20
  • 58MXA120-20
  • 58MXA140-20

WeatherMaker 9300TS