Flushing your tankless system, we recommend Navien or Rinnai

  1. Fill the bucket half way of hot water, then add vinegar
  2. Turn off Tankless system (the power button)
  3. Turn cold (Blue side) main shut off (the larger valves) on Rinnai to off
  4. Run a hot water tap for 10 seconds and shut off
  5. Close hot (Red side) main off
  6. Set up hoses, two houses to pump to cold side of Rinnai arrow on pump pointing in the direction toward the Rinnai, hot into bucket
  7. Hot hose to the bottom of the bucket, Cold hose to the top of the bucket
  8. Open service valves (the two small valves facing you)
  9. Remove filter, clean (rinse), reinstall filter hand tight
  10. Turn Tankless on – set to 140F
  11. Turn pump on
  12. Run for 25mins+ while maintaining the hoses in the bucket (do NOT walk away!)
  13. Turn the tankless system off, unplug pump, disconnect hoses
  14. Remove filter, clean, reinstall cleaned filter, with your hand just snug (don’t use pilers to tighten).
  15. Turn service valves off (First) then turn main valves on
  16. Turn your tankless on, run hot water for a few minutes