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We provide a wide range of residential HVAC services for properties in the Durham Region, GTA & Kawartha areas. If you don’t see what you are looking for, feel free to contact us.

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Heating, Cooling, Ventilation & Air Quality

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) is ultimately the technology of creating and maintaining indoor air quality. Its main objective is to provide thermal comfort and safe, breathable air for everyone to live and work in.

Tankless Hot Water Systems

Without the use of a storage tank, tankless water heaters heat your water directly. When a faucet is turned on, cold water runs through your pipes, traveling into the unit. At that point an electric element heats only the water that it has access to. You will no longer need to wait for a tank to fill with enough hot water for the job intended. Save up to 40% on your energy bills today!

Air Conditioning

A traditional home comfort system has two parts that are designed to work in tandem: an indoor unit, such as a furnace or air handler, and an outdoor unit, the air conditioner, that blows cool air into your home by pulling the warm air out.


Furnaces heat and circulate warm air in your home, so you and your family are able to stay warm and comfortable during colder climates. Two stage heating & modulating furnaces, that we provide, offer a noticeable difference in comfort. Due to the 40% heat brought on to start, your home will continuously be at a comfortable heat level.

High-Efficiency Heat Pumps & Ductless

With easy installation and no costly duct work, our ductless units are perfect for spaces without ducts. This split system heat pump keeps your space comfortable all year long by drawing heat out of your home to cool it or bringing in heat from outside to warm it.


Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostats monitor the outdoor temperatures by the hour and adjusts your HVAC system ahead of time, allowing the highest savings in energy consumption while at the same time offering the best comfort possible for you and your family.


Zoning allows you to have different temperatures in different areas of your home. Not only does this provide greater comfort but also can save you up to 20% per year in your annual operating costs because you are focusing on used areas only.

UV Air Purifiers

Air being pumped into your home can carry potentially harmful airborne particles and bacteria’s. With an ultraviolet air treatment system it will kill the mold that grows in the cool, damp interiors of your air conditioning system.

Air Handlers

An air handler is the metal box containing a blower, heating or cooling elements, filter racks or chambers, and dampers. This device is connected to your heating and cooling ventilation system and distributes conditioned air throughout your home.


Dehumidifiers are devices that are intended to remove moisture from the air, eliminating the uncomfortable humidity in your home. Not only does it help with personal comfort, it is also designed to prevent the growth of mould and mildew from your home, keeping your family breathing in safe and fresh air.

Air Cleaners

Air cleaners that work with your heating and cooling system provide year round peace of mind. Knowing your air cleaner is filtering and removing bacteria, dust and dander before they get a chance to reach you, should give you a sense of health safety like nothing else.

Energy Management

We want to help you manage your efficiency the best you can! Using new and advanced technology like that found in Smart Thermostats, you can do your part while staying comfortable in your home.

Preventative Maintenance

The goal of a successful preventive maintenance plan is to establish consistent practices designed to improve the performance and safety of the equipment in your home. Protect your home, like it protects you and your family.


Natural Choice is the best way to go no doubt about it. I called them up, they came on a Sunday to give a quote, they were very friendly with my kids. They came again on Monday, and my system was replaced and pumping out AC. If you want great service and products, Natural Choice is your Natural Choice!

— Garrett Simpson, Location: Courtice


Natural Choice did such a great job installing the Goodman High Efficient furnace in my previous house, I immediately had them install the same furnace and added a Tankless Rinnai water heater into my new home. I would highly recommend these guys. Great job Natural Choice. A big thumbs up!

— Brian, Location: Whitby


James is kind of stand-up, quality individual that I choose to work with when I need help in my house. James has installed two tankless hot water systems in the last two homes that I have owned. He identified the safety hazard from an improperly installed gas fireplace. He explained the nature of the hazard and corrected the installation at a very reasonable price. James approaches every job in your house as if he were working on his own. His prices are fair and the quality of his work is exacting.

— Ryan, Location: Oshawa


Natural Choice installed installed our Rinnai tankless water heater and we could not be happier. We were unsure about the technology at first, but the owner personally came out and met with us (along with a couple of other neighbours that were also interested) to explain the system and the installation process. It's been over a year and the system has been flawless so far. For us, Natural Choice was very helpful and professional.

— Pete, Location: Toronto


The company came out and checked the condition of the original equipment and made their recommendations. They let me think about it and worked to their quote. They came on the day to do the work on time, and were very respectful of the property. They cleaned up as they went along and took away all their refuge. There was no cleanup on my part. James followed up to make sure all went well. They all worked well as a team and were enthusiastic and knowledgeable. What can I say, I was impressed.

— Sheila O’Neill, Location: Whitby


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