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We understand how hot water can really effect your reputation, and we have some amazing solutions for you take a minute to listen to this story of how it effected not only their reputation but their annual revenue.  

Watch how Rinnai tankless water heaters helped a historic inn avoid losing some $60,000 a year in guest dscounts and refunds by installing a total of 214 Rinnai units. And the results — Ruby’s Inn has experienced not one complaint. Not one fluctuation. Not one lost dollar.

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What is Demand Duo?

Here is Dale Schmitz from Rinnai at IBS 2020 giving a good overview of the Demand Duo by Rinnai.  


Here is a case study completed in Winnipeg Canada,  click here and let us know if you have any questions or would like to learn more how you can have endless hot water and never worry about your hot water again. 

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