Is your teenager complaining of dry skin?

Is your dogs fur sticking to every piece of fabric you have?

Are you annoying your family from all the sneezing you are doing?

Dry air is such a common thing in homes… but it doesn’t have to be!

This time of year is the worst for dry indoor air in your home. No fresh air enters because the windows are shut, only warm air is flowing through your vents, and you may have a dry fireplace working to keep your toes warm.

dry air

Get Rid of Dry Indoor Air with these 8 clever tips and tricks!

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Turn the heat down

A warm and cozy home is ideal for a lot of people, but is it necessary?

Wearing a thick sweater or comfy pajamas and turning your heat down to a tolerable temperature is greener and won’t continuously push warm air through your home.


Have Radiators?

Not many of us have radiators these days unless you are living in an old apartment in New York City, but if you do, try hanging your wet towels or clothes on them to dry. The moisture will flow through the air helping maintain a humid atmosphere.

You can also try putting a bowl of water on them to let the water evaporate into the air creating the same effect.


Floor Registers

We ALL have these!

Try putting a bowl of water on these or a damp towel. It will work the same as the radiator effect.

There are also humidifiers that go over your floor registers that do the same thing, but cost a lot more. Check them out here.

stove top

Stop using your oven

What? Stop using your oven? Yes!

Cook with the stove and the use of smaller appliances such as crock pots or griddles.

Your oven creates dry heat where as your smaller appliances don’t use air at all. Your stove is multi-purposed, you can strictly use it as a humidifier when needed. Just boil some water!


Use indoor clothes lines

Set up an indoor clothes line in your basement or laundry room to hang dry your clothes.

The water with evaporate into the air creating moisture for you to breathe and for your skin to soak up.


Leave the Bathroom door open

If you live alone or just with your partner, leave the bathroom door open when you are showering.

This will allow the steam in your bathroom to seep out into other rooms of your home, acting like a temporary humidifier.


Get a portable humidifier

This is the most popular option for people trying to get rid of dry indoor air in their homes.

There are pros and cons to having these machines.

Some would say it’s like putting lipstick on a pig. It doesn’t fix the problem of dry air, it temporarily eases the discomfort.

Others swear by portable humidifiers because they only need them for small spaces, in which they are ideal.

Either way they do work, depending on what you need them for.

But why spend the money on small devices such as these, when you can put a humidifier right on your furnace?

Get a humidifier put on your furnace

This is the BEST way of dealing with your dry indoor air.

By putting a humidifier directly on your furnace, your home with run smoothly without worry.

No more dry skin, your wood furniture will keep better, everyone will live comfortably.

Here’s how they work!

There are so many different units that can be bought and installed to keep you and your family comfortable. Make sure you compare each one so it can cater to your family’s every need.

Contact us today to learn more about how to get rid of dry indoor air, how the furnace humidifier works, and how you can get one today!