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When Erik and Liz bought their new house, they knew they had their work cut out for them. It was known that a fixer upper came with trouble, and they were prepared to deal with whatever came from it. So they thought….
When Liz announced her pregnancy, it was the happiest time in both their lives. Ecstatic about the news, weeks went by before actually realizing the work that needed to be completed before the new baby came home. Living in construction wasn’t such a big deal for the couple, but safety was first for the baby. Staying warm in the quickly approaching winter months was all of a sudden a huge priority.

One of Liz’ co-workers came to her with a recommendation for Natural Choice Heating & Cooling, who replaced their furnace the previous year. Liz passed the information along to Erik and he got in contact with James (the owner of Natural Choice Heating & Cooling) whom decided to meet with Erik and Liz personally. After discussing their budget options, James helped them choose a furnace based on their current situation and their future plans of selling.

Shortly after the holiday season, the couple expressed to James that they were working on an even tighter budget than they thought. James met with Erik and Liz to discuss very doable financing options that would help them keep their monthly payments low while still keeping the home warm and comfortable for their new addition.

How are they doing now? 

The Johnson’s love how their new furnace has learned their habits and adjusts the temperatures automatically to their comfort level. Erik called James and mentioned “Man, It’s so quiet, I can’t even tell it’s running!” Which was a feature James knew they would appreciate since the machine was going to be located next to the new baby’s room. Erik and Liz couldn’t be more pleased.

“Man, It’s so quiet, I can’t even tell it’s running!”

With the help of James from Natural Choice Heating & Cooling, the couple managed to check “New Furnace” off their to do list in time to get the last coat of paint in the baby’s room and welcome them home. Natural Choice Heating & Cooling put the family’s mind at ease with their excellent customer service, financing options and quality products. Erik and Liz now recommend Natural Choice to anyone they know looking for heating and cooling solutions. The Johnson’s now live worry free, happy and safe, in their home.

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