Have you ever wondered why some companies in the same field are significantly more successful than others?

It’s simple, really. The people!

Building an amazing HVAC Team is vital to your company’s future.

Why do the biggest companies in this field have so much trouble getting NEW business and service call-backs?
Why do other, smaller, equally qualified professionals maintain amazing service records?

It takes a lot more than technical knowledge and knowing how to perform the duties.

At Natural Choice Heating & Cooling, we understand the importance of a fantastic customer experience, and that comes down to the people we work with, and send into your homes – Our HVAC Team.

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The Customer Experience

The heart of our business is our customers. Providing an experience they are happy with is something we take great pride in.  – James Smith

A customer is someone in need of a product or service for a particular reason. We are in the business of personal comfort. People come to us to improve the air quality and temperatures of their indoor work and living spaces so they can perform at their best in all endeavors.

From answering your call and returning your inquiry emails to completing a job to your absolute satisfaction, we want to cater to your every need with the respect you deserve and the knowledge you expect.

Our amazing HVAC Team knows what to do to put your mind at ease when we are working in your home or office. From the little details like rolling protective floor coverings, to saying ‘Hi’ to your dog, we make you feel comfortable with us and confident in our abilities.

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Customer Service. Does is come natural, or can it be taught?

Not everyone has customer service common sense. Sometimes it can be trained, and sometimes it just can’t.

A screening team is always key when you are seeking a new member of any team.

Here are some things we think of when we are looking for an HVAC Team Member:

  • Emotional Intelligence – When a teammate can demonstrate sincere empathy for a disgruntled client by making them feel heard and temporary pleasing them by validating their frustration.
  • Problem Solving – When a teammate can understand the customers requests and offer solutions to them that they may not have thought about or realized were available.
  • Great Communication – When a teammate has the natural ability to communicate with anyone in any situation, in person, by phone or via email.
  • Methodical – When a teammate mentally goes through a system of how to deal with situations. From start to finish there should be a game plan, with every step and consequence thought about carefully.
  • Resourceful – When a teammate doesn’t know how to do something or know the answer, they know how to get the answer via different methods.

Help Scout has an awesome read about the different steps to getting the exact people you need for your business. Read “Hiring Your Customer Service Dream Team.” here.

Our Amazing HVAC Team

Being part of a company that you enjoy working for is key. If the employees aren’t happy, the customers won’t be happy either.

team work

Natural Choice Heating & Cooling runs on a close knit crew who would yell from the roof tops where they work!

This success trickles from the top – down, knowing how to treat our employees with the same respect we want from them, encouraging teamwork, and putting credit where it is due.  When these practices are put into play, employees will be part of a well-oiled team that will stand proud.

“Treat people how you want to be treated. Have respect, get respect.” – Unknown

We are continuously training our staff with new techniques, refresher courses, and hands on work that keeps everyone on their toes. With on-going training, our HVAC team keeps their interest up and their minds going, creating the best technicians around!

Our customers notice the difference in our quality of customer service, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Trust in your gut when it comes to finding or creating the best team!