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As an owner-operated local company that has been in business for over 16 years, we are proud to accept
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We’re the leader in Air Conditioning installation and service in the Durham Region & Kawartha Lakes. Including Brooklin, Pickering, Ajax, Cobourg, Port Hope, Whitby, Bowmanville, Newcastle, Uxbridge, Oshawa & surrounding area.

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Furnace service and repair available year round.

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All of our Furnace repair techs are fully certified.

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What Our Air Conditioner Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“We hired Natural Choice to replace the furnace, Air Conditioner, and hot water tank in our home, and the service we received was amazing!


Kris & Stephen did the installation and their expertise and professionalism blew us away! As a bonus on top of this they moved our hot water tank and furnace so that we could complete the laundry room reno of our dreams! Thank you Natural Choice, we won’t hesitate to recommend you

Hannah Stojanovski

“James gave a lot of practical and free advice that helped us.

This past summer our air conditioner conked out.  It was during a brutal heatwave.  James quickly booked us.  He looked at the Air Conditioner and explained why it broke down for good. He installed a new air conditioner at a very reasonable price and we were cool again in no time.

We were very grateful for his prompt service since we have little kids including a then 8 month old baby.”

Mike Polsky

“James and his crew have done a great job replacing my leaky water tank with a tank-less water heater, plus some other gas pipe work.


Everything they do is high quality: the equipment, parts, materials and labour.


And everything for a very reasonable price, as per the estimate. Thank you guys! “


Frequently Asked Questions

When was air conditioning invented?

Air conditioning is a dehumidification process with the luxury of cold air as we enjoy it today. Originally conceived in 1909 for industrial use, in the 1930’s is when it began being used for businesses and residential homes. The first use was food preservation. The first cooling system attached to a heating plant was introduced in the 1920’s. General Electric (GE) was the first to produce the Hermetic system in 1928, and automobile air conditioning came about in the 1930’s.

BIGGER is better, right ?

While having a large engine in a car is a LOT of fun (on the race track of course!), having an oversized air conditioning system will be a huge waste of money!

To start, a larger air conditioner costs more to purchase but the expenses from there keep climbing.

Why won’t having a bigger system work, would it not have to work less?  It will actually cool the air in your home too fast, which you might think is a good thing.  However the speed is too fast to dehumidify the air which will leave you with cold clammy air not the desired cool air you were expecting.

Oversizing can also freeze your system turning both the outdoor condensing unit and the coil (the indoor part of your air conditioning system above your furnace) into an ice block stopping all air flow.  While that ice blockage is stopping air it is also adding excessive strain to your furnace and air conditioning system which can lead to premature failure of one or both.

Not sure if your system is sized correctly, give us a call today for a no obligation assessment.

Do you have service plans?

Yes we offer comprehensive service and maintenance plans on all of our Air Conditioning units. Please contact us for additional information.

What air conditioning brands does Natural Choice install?

We supply and install only the highest quality air conditioning systems, built by industry leading manufacturers. We do all the research on what manufacturers are offering the highest in quality, efficiency to save you the time!  Our employees carry all the required licenses to complete the installations, but we don’t stop there we have each technician take additional manufacturers courses to be certified for each brand to know them top to bottom and everything in between!  Check out all available Air Conditioners on our Air Conditioner products page.

When should I replace my Air Conditioner?

Every year… Just kidding!

If you have an air conditioner currently installed that is not working you should call a licensed HVAC specialist (That’s us!) to service the air conditioning system and determine if replacing the system is necessary. If serviced annually most air conditioners last 10+ years depending on if there were conditions that caused premature damage or aging, or if it simply won’t keep up to our weather.

What rebates are available for high efficiency air conditioners?

Both the provincial and federal government have implemented rebate programs to encourage home and business owners to conserve electricity by installing high efficiency air conditioners. These programs can change frequently so please contact us to see if/what rebates are currently available.

Our Customer Service ‘Red Carpet Treatment’!

Don’t suffer the summer heat in Whitby, Ontario! Natural Choice Heating & Cooling INC can handle your AC repair in Whitby right away. At Natural Choice, it is our pleasure to offer you the highest in quality comfort and Energy Star equipment for your home and business’ heating & cooling solutions.

Not only do we offer the best quality and the best installations, we also guarantee the best in customer service.

Our Red Carpet Treatment will leave you impressed, feeling safe, and having complete trust in our service. 

From the time you contact us via phone, email, or social media to the point where we come to your home for a consultation, installation and follow up, we can promise that you won’t be disappointed with our Customer Service.

Our staff is confidently able to do installations and completely safety trained to deal with anything that may arise on a job site. What our staff doesn’t need training in, is how to be good people.

We excel at customer service with ease and each of us will do whatever it takes to make you, the customer, happy.


What do you expect from us?

We have high expectations, and don’t expect you to settle for anything different.

Expect the following from us!
  • Common Courtesy
  • Respect for your home and those who reside in it
  • Understanding your needs and wants
  • Flexibility
  • Accurate Quotes and Timelines
  • Answers to all of your questions
  • High quality installations, repairs, and products


Why do we call it the ‘Red Carpet Treatment’?

Because we do just that! We roll out our red carpets throughout your home.

Due to safety reasons, we must keep our shoes on at any job site. So, to save your floors and your home from damage and debris, we roll out our red carpets from the front door through to the location of installation.

For us, the ‘Red Carpet Treatment’ is a small thing that makes a huge difference when it comes to the respect you and your home deserve.

Take a walk on our red carpets and feel a little like a celebrity! 🙂 

It is our ultimate guarantee that you will feel happy, safe, and left with an amazing peace of mind when we leave your home.

We wouldn’t have it any other way!

Call us today to learn more! 905-424-2090

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