With summer just around the corner, here are a few things you might want to consider if you don’t have Central Air Conditioning. If you are trying to convince your family or roommates about Central Air, use these few points to win your battle for better comfort.

1) Central Air Conditioning helps remove Allergens

By opening windows and using fans to cool your home, you’re inviting pollution and allergens in. These particles can lead to inflammation in the body and are hard on your immune system. Central Air ties into your furnace and makes use of your furnaces filtration system to filter out particles in the air. Most high quality furnace filters are able to filter dust, pollen and pollution.

2) Reduces Stress

When your body overheats it encourages sweating which means you’ll need to take in more fluids to stay hydrated. Dehydration can cause stress on your internal organs and immune system and over the long term has been shown to be a contributing factor to many diseases. By using Central Air Conditioning you’re able to maintain a moderate core temperature which reduces stress on your body. You may notice, when entering a building with Central Air you feel less tired and more alert.

3) Keeps Your Home Secure

Keeping your doors and windows open at night or when you’re not at home can be an easy way for someone to break-in. With your air conditioning system running, you’re more likely to keep your doors and windows closed and locked, preventing unwanted guests from entering your home, including pesky bugs. Older window screen tend to get brittle and may have holes that allow wasps, spiders and earwigs to crawl freely into your home! Just one more reason to get central air conditioning and keep those windows closed during the hot summer months.

4) Scientist Prove: Better Sleep with Air Conditioning

According to University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and Time Magazine, the best temperature for sleeping is 65 degrees Fahrenheit or 18 degrees Celsius. At this temperature your body reaches its ideal state for metabolizing excess blood sugar and fat.

5) It’s quiet

If you live near a main road or a major highway, chances are it can get pretty noisy with your windows open. This isn’t great during the day or at night. It’s hard to enjoy your morning coffee with the sound of transport trucks or construction workers coming through your windows. By using central air conditioning you can keep out that noise by closing your windows and doors and enjoying the peace and quiet.

6) (Bonus) Helps control Mold

It’s no secret mold likes humid dark areas. It’s a common misconception that Central Air Conditioning just fills your home with cold air. It also helps to moderate humidity levels. By doing this it sends the mold into retreat by changing the environment it requires to grow.
If you already have Central Air Conditioning, you might want to checkout this post on how Canada has started to phase out ozone-depleting refrigerants. If you’re looking for consultation on Central Air for your home or office contact us for a free estimate.